tools for paralells virtuozo



tallyman — user transfer tool for paralells virtuozzo

With tallyman you are able to transfer one or many users or even resellers with all its sub-users from one paralells virtuozzo server to another. You can either do the transfer manually by looking for all required database entries, user files, database files, users emails, settings and configurations or let tallyman do it for you. tallyman takes also care about possible collisions on the target system and warn you if there are some.


tallyman [-c <conf>] [-fnVvq] <lade|loesche|list> <args>


-c <conf> alternative virtuozzo config file
-f override any stops
-fn overwrite db content
-n do not entpack any files
-V print version number
-v be more verbose
-q be quiet
lade pack a user or reseller
loesche entpack a user or reseller
list show who's on the box


root@source:~# tallyman lade web3
loads user web3 and creates a file web3.tar wich you copy to the destination server. For reability sake the user web3 persists on the old location, so you will need to remove them manually.

root@destination:~# tallyman loesche web3
extracts user web3 at the new location. The user web3 ist then instantly available.


If you wish to purchase a copy, please email at


Current version: 3.3