home-brewed apps

there are some more small apps as mentioned here on the page, just take a look at the cvs tree to see them all


Simple bootmanager for x86 inspired by Booteasy and OpenBSD MBR code.


Execute program periodically, showing output fullscreen. A free counterpart to GNU watch.

TGeb parasite

Select cheapest phone provider in Germany. (uses databases from

This tool is still a dirty hack, even if it works. It's discontinued and I have no plans to release it. Thus if you want to play with, check out it from the cvs.


dima's dyndns updater -- yet another dyndns tool


`graphical' throughput-meter for OpenBSD's network interfaces

Turing Machine

a result of some studies: a turing machine with infinity tape

Brainfuck Interpreter

Visualization Hack

The last release of OpenBSD includes a new monitoring mode in its audio daemon aucat(1).

Thus, this little hack visualizes anything, what is being played using this new mode, no matter where the sound data came from.

Used libs: sndio, SDL, fftw3

third-party apps


A very nice and small bootmanager written by Serge Vakulenko in 1995.

Here is a patched version with some cosmetic improvements like new labels for OpenBSD, NetBSD and Plan 9


Thunderbird PGP extention compiled for OpenBSD i386


simple GTK clone of WriteRoom/DarkRoom for the *NIX world


Port of AVR SP12 programmer to OpenBSD with some impovements and clean-up.



fake RLIMIT_AS as required by some bogus Linux apps

OpenBSD ports

here are some ports available on CVS:

access to anonymous CVS

alternatively you can also use WebCVS frontend