miscellaneous stuff

POV-Ray experiments

dumped pendulum

visualization of differential equation set:

you may wish to take a look at HQ [18.5MB] or LQ [4.8MB] animation, source code and presentation

truchet tiling

see also: truchet tiling @ mathworld

some simple math visualization


first steps

double CD case

xterm colors


Emacs and vi editing commands compared

Emacs commandFunctionvi command
Control-BMove back one characterh
Control-FMove forward one characterl
Control-PMove to previous linej
Control-NMove to next linek
Control-AMove to start of line^ or 0
Control-EMove to end of line$
Control-DDelete characterx
Meta-B Move back one wordb
Meta-F Move forward one wordw
Control-VMove to next pageControl-F
Meta-V Move to previous pageControl-B
Meta-<Move to start of file1G
Meta->Move to end of fileG
Meta-D Delete worddw
Control-KKill (delete) to end of lined$
Control-YYank (paste) killed textY or yy
Control-X Control-FRead file:r
Control-X Control-SSave file:w
Control-X Control-CExit:q or :q! or :wq or ZZ

Utah Teapot & Tektronix 4014


It was 1996 as I met linux first time. Now 13 years later I found it again on an old CD and could not resist to temptation to run it again. Thus if you like play with it too, you can get it either from the net or get it as ready-to-run qemu image here [27M]

login screen

after startx

ASCII Analog Clock

Impoved and expanded version of aclock with exactly time, window resize, colors, text and digital clock.

You may wish to check it out from the CVS Repository.